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Store Policy

Customer Care

We are a small company. Most of our business comes from personal referrals and word of mouth grapevine. We love to take a good care of our customers and to build relationships that last. 

We are open to questions, comments, notes, recommendations and even criticism. Please contact us with anything you would want to discuss. We love to chat and will work with you on any situation. 

Privacy & Safety

We value our customer's privacy. Just like you we do not like to receive junk emails and postal solicitations. We will never sell/share/transfer your private data to any 3rd party. We do not store any of your details after the purchase is complete.  

Wholesale Inquiries

We do not offer wholesale. All the pieces are unique and made by hand, one by one.


We will work with you for orders for the events that would require a few similar-looking pieces - bridesmaids, tea party guests, thematic event, etc.. We recommend that you contact us at least 2-3 months ahead of your event.  

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards 


  • Offline Payments

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