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ArtofHats is a boutique millinery studio in Atlanta, GA, area. We make ready-to-wear and bespoke headpieces. No matter if you are a hat aficionado or have never worn a millinery piece before  - we have something for everybody. Any woman looks good in a hat. Just not all know it yet.


Elena Wittman is the owner, creative mind, and maker of all the headpieces you will see here. She started her millinery journey in 2010, in London, UK. Since then she has studied with many millinery masters in London and New York, and, through online classes, in Australia, Ireland, Spain, and Israel.


If you wanted to try and make something yourself – our workshops are for you. Our first millinery class was held in July 2017, and very soon students started to refer to them as millinery therapy workshops. Time to relax, to get creative, to spend time with friends. Check out our Workshops and Presentations pages to see scheduled workshops or contact us to inquire about private events. 

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