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Millinery Presentation "How to Make a Hat". CONTACT us before purchasing.

Min 10 persons, $ 15 per person.


You will see a demonstration of general millinery techiques and hat-making basics. Traditional materials used in millinery, as well as modern and unexpected ones will be available for you to see and touch.

It will be a show-and-tell presentation, with real hats on display. Each guest will have an opportunity to try 2-3 hats on and take pictures.

Great for club meetings, as part of a stylists' show, bridal showers, birthdays, friends get-together. Perfect if you want to learn something new in fun and stylish environment.

Please note - that is not an actual workshop. No headpieces will be made by participants.


From $15 per person (minimum 10 persons). Apprx 1.5 hours.

We drive to your location (mileage charge might apply).

Event will be tailored to your specific needs. Please inquire with questions and to schedule.

Presentation "How to Make a Hat". Contact to purchase.

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